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Friday, March 06, 2009

Shut Up, Jason Orange, And Take Your Goddamn Pants Off!

Here's a clip of Take That member Jason Orange (courtesy of the Take That Appreciation Pages) flapping his gums about "84," the B-side to the band's new single "Up All Night." Jason handles lead vocals on the track.

I like that the song name drops The Smiths. But, really, Jason, just whip it out already, lad.

Anyway, here's some trash he had to say in the nine-page interview with Take That in last month's issue of British rock mag Q, along with some pics from the piece:
"I was brought up Mormon until I was 15. There's supposed to be no sex before marriage. You're supposed to be modest about your sexuality. There were times when we were being overtly sexual onstage and I'd think, 'Is this right?'"
"We were facilitating millions of young girls making the transition to becoming sexually alive...nowt that there's anything wrong with that. We represented some kind of male ideal maybe."
"We started as a manufactured band and that rankles. I think we are real friends and a real band now, a bit belatedly. But, yeah, I think about us doing Marks & Spencer ads and wonder if that's right. I've made us bank with the Co-op because it's ethical. I worry. I want us to stand for good things as well as be a brilliant band."

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