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Friday, April 17, 2009

Comment(s) Of The Week

Yep. This pic is back. You may recall it from Chart Rigger's recent compilation of the bitchiest reader comments ever.

That there is a kid after my own heart. If he was mine, I'd buy him an ice cream cone and tell him to "keep on fuckin'." In fact, I'm gonna call him Little Fucker. You'll be seeing more of Little Fucker. That's a promise.

Anyway, below is a classy exchange that happened on my Towleroad column this week, which led off with Frankmusik.

From reader Crispy: "Another week, another UK act no one's heard of here in the States."

Now, granted, maybe I should have mentioned in the column that Frankmusik is going to have a release in the States at some point, allegedly. And this is, like, how you get to hear of new-ish artists.

Anwyay, a classic response came from "John", who I'm assuming isn't John of Pop Music Notes fame:

"I've loved Frankmusik for a few months now. Thanks for posting this.What is it with negative twits posting on this site? Actually, quite a few Americans have heard of Frankmusik. Crispy, not all Americans are antisocial pscyhopaths living in their parents' basement; some are actually social, enjoy dance music and are grateful when new music is introduced to them. Just go eat Cheetos and play warcraft already. Loser!"
Well, maybe that didn't grab your rocks like it did mine. So then we turn to Entertainment Weekly, who this week have reviewed the Pet Shop Boys' new album, Yes (which is finally released in the States on Tuesday).

Says the enthusiastic, B+ write-up:
"When the economy finally kicks the last velvet-rope VIP down to the breadline, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe will remain in their hot tubs, counting their gold."
Hurrah! That's pretty classy. Well, then Neil Tennant brought it all down to reality a bit by posting on the PSBs official site today:
"Fed up with people telling me they've downloaded our album for free from some site but 'Don't worry, I'm going to buy a copy!' What a weak industry this is."
Hey, Neil, I bought it!

But, sadly, I bet Little Fucker didn't. He probably pirated the shit out of it then banged some strippers during recess.

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