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Friday, May 29, 2009

Am I The Only One Torn Over Aqua's New Single?

It's cute, synthy and the lyrics are clever. But after nine years away, the fact that Aqua's coming back with merely a greatest hits and new single "Back To The '80s (Those Were The Days)" is a bit ho hum. I mean, retro '80s schtick is so early '00s, no?

I dunno, maybe its a grower. But I miss "Roses Are Red." And "My Oh My." Those jams remind me of driving to my shit job as a room service waiter at the Pittsburgh Doubletree Hotel in fall of '97, then going out dancing all night when I got off at 11 pm.

Now those were the days, Aqua.

I wasn't too crazy about this when the live clip was doing the rounds last summer, either.



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