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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Saturdays Managed To Make It 'Work'

Last August I posed the d'luvvly question: Can the Saturdays last? Could the latest in an seemingly endless army of slinky, sexy Brit girl groups rise above their less fortunate counterparts (Red Blooded Women) and more successful predecessors (Girls Aloud, Sugababes) to make a name for themselves?

The answer, upon the eve of their fifth single's ("Work") release is a resounding Yes!

It was a depressing fall last year, no? Keane flopped. Sugababes flopped. Christina Aguilera debuted a new electro sound to a collective yawn. The Killers put out a decent album, but we realized they may not again touch the greatness that was Hot Fuss.

Luckily, the Saturdays' Chasing Lights came along and reminded record-buyers that there is still decent pop to be made. And, geez, they must be doing something right; the days of an artist managing five singles off an album—especially in less than one year—are all but gone.

Here's the video for "Work." Official single is out June 29.



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