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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Things You Need To Know About Kris Allen, Adam Lambert And 'American Idol'

1. Kris Allen winning is apparently "an upset." He's also pretty cute. I should have actually watched more than once this season.

2. Adam Lambert has nice teeth. Did he ever officially come out? Someone commented yesterday that I should have been supporting him. I guess to do that I'd have to support this snoozefest of a show, first.

3. Is a recording contract really that enticing of an offer at this day and age in the music biz? They should offer something more useful, like a CD player.

At any rate, here's Cyndi Lauper performing "Time After Time" with contestant Allison Iraheta during last night's finale. Can you believe Cyndi's turning 56 next month?

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  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How dare you. Kris Allen is a National Treasure.

  • At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Cynthia said…

    How did this happen people??????? I thought Adam had this in the bag!

  • At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Bella's Twilight Pussy said…

    Cyn, dear, all Adam had in the bag was three Filipino rentbois and the new issue of Vogue.

    Oh, and when is Cyn (Lauper) going to trot out something different than stripped down versions of her old tunez? I know the old hooker can't quite giggle and chirp the way she could in her prime, but enough already with the fucking dulcimer.

    Surprised, that she actually sang instead of bitching nonstop about the acoustics.

  • At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Chrystal K. said…

    I really enjoyed this season of American Idol. This is the first year that I actually tuned in almost every week. The finale was great and almost every idol finalist’s performance was amazing. Matt Giraud was great and of course I loved Allison’s performance. Also Lil’s performance with Queen Latifah was surprisingly amazing. I can’t wait to download “Cue the Rain.”
    I’m actually not shocked that Kris won. I’m proud of him and everyone knows that Adam is going to make a huge name for himself, just like Jennifer Hudson (who wasn’t even the runner-up) or probably bigger.

  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Moogaboo said…

    I'm sad that Joanne Worley lost American Idol. I was so surprised to see her up there!

  • At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Birthday Sex said…

    LOL @ MOOGABOO!!!!!!!!!

  • At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Best insight about the Kris over Adam upset by my good friend Tom:

    >>Does it really matter? The very same people who paid $0.25 to cast their text vote wouldn't dream of shelling out $9.99 to pay for Kris' album! How often has a crowned Idol (besides Kelly Clarkson and possibly Jordin Sparks) gone on to superstardom? Crickets chirping. Thought so!<<

    As for Cyndi, she came out with an amazing album last year "Bring Ya To The Brink" Perhaps someone has had their head stuck in the sand.

  • At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Who need Adam Lambert when there is a new Jimmy Somerville album?


  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Mark said…

    Cyndi's turning 56 and still looks better than the 6 years her junior Madonna ... and that's without the plastic surgery.

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