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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kylie Minogue's PWL Singles Hit iTunes

Following up with Jason Donovan's entire catalog of Stock Aitken Waterman-produced singles from the PWL label being added to iTunes in May, today sees Kylie Minogue's single EPs from the same era (1988 through 1992) added the digital store, as well.

Each individual EP averages at about $9.90 a pop. Christ, where's a small fortune when you need it?

Like the deal with Jason, the EPs for Kylie include the remastered singles, unreleased instrumentals and backing tracks, mixes and B-sides. Of course, a lot of this stuff was made available about 10 years ago on Ms. Minogue's four-disc Greatest Hits Remixed series.

Still, there are some hidden gems, like the backing track of "Enjoy Yourself," with all it's ooh and aah background vocals.

Also thrown onto iTunes today is Hazell Dean's unreleased version of "Can't Help The Way That I Feel," originally an album track for Sonia's 1990 SAW album Everybody Knows. Hazell's single EPs for "Love Pains" and "Better Off Without You" (also recorded by Lonnie Gordon) are available, too.

Highly Recommended: Hazell Dean's "Better Off Without You (A Touch Of Leather Mix)"! Handclaps, the trademark SAW bassline, a Matt Aitken guitar solo and a whip-cracking effect—this one's got it all!

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