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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, This Is Actually A Post About Blazin' Squad

I never paid attention to 10-piece (!!) U.K. boy band Blazin' Squad back in their early '00s heyday because, well, let's face it—they pretty much bit. (However, when Kenzie and those other two splintered off and formed Friday Hill back in 2005, they cranked out the decent jam "Baby Goodbye.")

Five of these chav studz must be short on their mortgage payments, though, because they got back together and have a new single out on Monday called "Let's Start Again." There's so much Auto Tune going on in the surprisingly decent synth-heavy track that it makes T-Pain sound like an opera singer by comparison.

Below is the vid for "Let's Start Again," which is shaping up to be my guilty pleasure for June.

Well, okay, maybe just for this weekend. And P.S., black shirt Squadzie in the top pic, far left looks like he'd be dirty fun for an hour or so.

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