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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Most Astounding Interview You'll Ever Read With Fritz Helder And The Phantoms

Earlier this month, an interview I did with Fritz Helder of Fritz Helder and the Phantoms—the first signing to Nelly Furtado's new label Nelstar—was posted up over at GayWired.

Here's an excerpt from the spectacularness:

GW: Tell us something scandalous about Nelly Furtado.
You know what? I'm not lying, there are no scandals there.

GW: Nothing?
Nothing at all. I mean, sometimes she has a funny laugh, but that's
about it. We're Canadian, man. We're the most boring people on the planet.

GW: What's something scandalous about you, then?
Well, I can't tell you that. [Laughs] That's none of your business!

Super, right? Go read it now!

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