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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sally Shapiro's 'Miracle' Is Italo-Tastic

Dammit! I kept meaning to write about Sally Shapiro's upcoming second studio album, My Guilty Pleasure—mainly because the single EP for "Miracle" was added to iTunes two weeks ago.

Here's a clip of "Miracle":

That last instrumental minute is a total killer!

Of all the blonde Swede dames out there churning out music, Sally offers up properly authentic-sounding, detached Italo disco, thanks in no small part to her producer Johan Agebjörn. Her first album, Disco Romance, was totally my winter jam a couple years back.

I even slipped Johan and Sally's track "Spacer Woman From Mars" (not available on her first album, only as a single) into a promo video we did for one of the Instinct cover guys when I worked there.

Anyway, My Guilty Pleasure is apparently "a bit more poppy and varied" while "keeping the romantic feel of Disco Romance." Sexy!

I've got it sitting here. As soon as I get off my lazy butt I'll throw up a review. Well, not throw up, as in, like, throw up.



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