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Friday, August 14, 2009

At This Rate, Mariah Carey's Album Should Be Out Sometime Before She's 40...Again

Damn, hooker, get it together.

Mariah Carey has now pushed the release date for Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel back—again. This trash was originally supposed to come out this month. Then it got pushed to September 15. Now it’s been bumped to September 29.

Billboard also reports that she’s pulled out of appearances at the MTV Video Music Awards (can’t blame her!) and the Today Show.

I wonder if Mariah secretly infiltrated Clive Davis’ boudoir, broke open his pink satin lockbox, heard a promo of Whitney’s album and let out a whistle-register death rattle?

Says her official site:
"Mariah is putting the finishing touches on her newest album, Memoirs
of an Imperfect Angel
, and we have shifted all of our TV and promo
appearances to coincide with the new release date of September 29th. We can't
wait for the fans to hear the new album!!"

And as Joshua points out in the comments, this is now the same day Madonna's greatest hits will be released.



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