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Thursday, August 20, 2009

iTunes Goes Boy Krazy

Two years ago this week I posted a short film by Kimerly Craig, which documented the then-state of former Boy Krazy lead singer Johnna Lee Cummings.

Though it showed Johnna as someone who'd far-from-gracefully fallen out of the pop business a decade ago and was now working in a coffee shop and battling alcoholism, Kimberly stopped by Chart Rigger and left this comment:
"I just wanted to say that now looking back at the video, I think I made her life look more vulnerable than it really is. She's a very strong willed woman, and has since moved on. Out of the coffee shop. Out of Savannah. And although she is not in the music industry any longer, she is still happy."
Good to hear. Anyway, last week PWL made available all of Boy Krazy's remastered single EPs and their lone, self-titled Stock Aitken Waterman-produced album from 1993 on iTunes. Also up for download are two unreleased tracks—the upbeat jam "I'll Never Get Another Chance Like This" and the stellar ballad, "Exception To The Rule."

A few of the true highlights are the never released "Original" mixes of "That's What Love Can Do" (much more poppy, slightly Motown) and "Just Like A Dream Come True" (rougher than the album version), and the "Alternative" mix of "On A Wing And A Prayer."

And so, after spending a small fortune to further line Pete Waterman's deep pockets, I've compiled what I'm calling the best damn Boy Krazy playlist ever!

"Good Times With Bad Boys" and "That's What Love Can Do" vids.

Check it out below, and hop over to iTunes to listen and see if I'm right:

1. "That's What Love Can Do" (Original Mix)
2. "On A Wing And A Prayer" (Alternative Mix)
3. "I'll Never Get Another Chance Like This"
4. "Good Times With Bad Boys" (Dave Ford Mix)
5. "Exception To The Rule"
6. "One Thing Leads To Another" (Original Mix)
7. "Just Like A Dream Come True" (Original Mix)
8. "Who Could Ask For Anything More" (Original Version)
9. "All You Have To Do"
10. "Different Class" (Alternative Mix)
11. "Love Is A Freaky Thing" (Lurve Dog 7" Mix)
12. "Don't Wanna Let You Go"
13. "On A Wing And A Prayer" (Original Mix)
14. "Good Times With Bad Boys" (7" Backing Track)
15. "That's What Love Can Do" (Extended Version)
16. "All You Have To Do" (Extended Version)

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