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Monday, August 10, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia Tries Dance Pop On For Size With New Single 'Want'

Aussie pop broad Natalie Imbruglia usually brings a smile to D'luv's ears, and her new single "Want" is no exception. Well, alright, it's a bit repetetive, but I'm sensing it'll be a grower.

Check out the Dannii Minogue-ness below.

Natalie's fourth studio album Come To Life—which contains songs co-written by Coldplay moaner Chris Martin—is due out in October throughout various parts of Europe. There's also word that it'll be released in the States, too.

Meanwhile, the video for a pre-release promo-only single "Wild About It" also made its way online last week. It apparently contains a cameo by Little Britain's David Walliams. (I'm guessing that's maybe him at 1:21 in?)

Here 'tis:



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