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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Saturdays Ascend The Girl Group Throne With 'Forever Is Over'

Damn! The Saturdays have thrown the multi-colored dresses of previous album Chasing Lights into the fire and slip into the sexy with brand new jam "Forever Is Over."

Hard to believe it was only one year ago they were hitting the scene with their debut single. Now they're on their sixth, with a new album due out in October.

Here's the vid for the upbeat slightly-rock-infused "Forever Is Over"—I think it's safe to say these broads'll be straddling the #1 position between their ample thighs shortly:

UPDATE: The video is now restricted to certain territories due to copyright, so below is a clip of the song only.



  • At 1:11 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    i nearly emailed you about this! I need help! i WANT to get it, but it's totally passing me by. I shall continue playing for a little while...

  • At 5:24 AM, Blogger Robpop said…

    I'm with Paul on this. Its not quite clicking (for the moment anyhow). It sounds like a Soccx album track.
    I'll give it a few more chances though...


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