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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cranberries Make Dates With North America

Those North American tour dates for newly-reformed Irish band the Cranberries have been set, with most of them going on sale over the course of the next two weeks.

And, call me nutso, but I'd rather go see this rehash than the creepy Michael Jackson movie, This Is It.

The tour kicks off November 12 at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, and wraps up December 5 at San Francisco's Regency Ballroom. Plus, ticket prices prices aren't too jacked up—at least not for the L.A. show, where they're $31.50.

Other cities the Cranberries will hit include Boston, Hampton Beach, New York, Philadelphia, Kansas City (MO) and, as mentioned, L.A.

Here's old school Cran-jam, "Ode To My Family":



  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger countpopula said…

    I had seen the Berries open for Duran Duran on their first US tour, and they were rather endearing, only to blow it a couple years later while on tour for that Zombie album. Dolores refused to let anyone from our record store to the meet & greet, which we had sponsored with $50,000 of company money, even though radio people were allowed. It was just plain rude, as there weren't that many of us (maybe 12). She also made an innocent bystander go buy her new thong underwear because hers were "used". Ewwww...

    Not much of a fan anymore. I think fame went to her head, and she thought she could get away with that "I Shot John Lennon" song.

  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Ick! What an awful story. I do recall reading that she was institutionalized (!) or something for not being able to handle fame at some point in the mid-'90s.

    Yeah, they lost it by that third album, after they veered away from Stephen Street as producer.

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