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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Fame Monster' Lady GaGa Not Going Anywhere

Lady GaGa told a San Diego radio station that, while performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, she's going to do "Paparazzi" and "a new single."

Alas, it's not a brand new album she's tossing out there in time for holiday shopping. Rather, it's a re-release of The Fame—titled The Fame: Monster—which allegedly will have at least five new GaGa jams tacked on.

MTV News notes that she told the station, "I wrote almost a full album's worth of material and right now I'm kind of spending my time sifting through it all and doctoring it and making it perfect and deciding what I want everyone to hear. But I'm really proud of it. It's definitely life after The Fame."

To quote my old boss AJ Benza, "Fame—ain't it a bitch?"

But hold your horses, kidz. The Lady will also be honored on Friday, along with Beyonce, at Billboard's Women In Music event. GaGa will be receiving the publication's "Rising Star" award, while Beyonce has been named "Woman Of The Year."

Each of them recently won three MTV VMAs each.



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