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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Will Love Come For Bananarama?

Bananarama's first single in four years, "Love Comes," was released in the U.K. this week. [Watch the video]

And while they managed to shake out two hits off their last set, Drama—"Move In My Direction" made it to U.K. #14 in August 2005, while "Look On The Floor" landed at #26 (and #2 on the U.S. Dance Club Play chart)—"Love Comes" has yet to dent the Brit iTunes chart, while the CD single is #7 on Amazon UK. Come on, you cougars—sell that jam!

Alas, it's not been a great season for British girl groups. Poor Dolly Rockers crawled in at #46 this past week with their swell disco number "Gold Digger" (video below) while Booty Luv landed just inside the Top 20 at #16 with "Say It" and Sugababes had to settle for the the #2 spot with "Get Sexy," behind Jay-Z and company.

So will love come for the B'rams when new album Viva hits the shelves Monday? At least the Saturdays' label Fascination is behind them.

And, you know what? I don't even care. I've got my copy pre-ordered. Viva la vida, divas.

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  • At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Paloma Faith is the next big thing coming out of the U.K. She's going to be an instant superstar when her album drops.

    I'm surprised you haven't written about her.

  • At 8:58 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    Bananarama have slipped out of the top 35 already :/ Tragedy! And Dolly Rockers haven't a hope in hells chance of making top 40 this week. And god knows what has happened to preston. Oh it's all going horribly horribly wrong.

  • At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Really Fuckin' Somethin' said…

    Love came. And didn't use a condom.


  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    F Fascination records! And especially f those dipsticks that own them, NBC Universal (the same dipsticks that screwed over Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien)!

    Those dipsticks are going around removing articles about the Bananarama girls so they can present them as a family friendly and couple friendly image which is garbage!

    What I'm about to say is the TRUTH and if you don't believe me, then go jump off a cliff and land in a bed of spikes you stupid narrow minded retarded sheep that believes in everything that the idiotic media posts!

    Keren and Sarah are NOT getting along with their loved ones (faggot dipstick Bassey Walker and George Michael's Mack Brown-ish like whining crybaby loser ex-partner Andrew Ridgeley who Keren is NOT MARRIED TOO! I can't believe how many of you retards actually think this even though Keren herself has said that they've nevered marry and are just living together)!

    Keren and Sarah's children ("Tom" and "Alice") also happens to HATE their mothers as well!

    But yet, Fascination/NBC Universal keeps removing those articles to try to make them look good but guess what? IT'S NOT WORKING! Keren and Sarah's most recent album (Viva) BOMBED big time! And the singles released so far have been duds too!

    And worse yet, the dipsticks at Fascination/NBC Universal FORCED (you heard that right) little Keren to attend a crappy soccer match that no one outside of England gives squat about just because douchebag Ridgeley was attending it (and making a f'ing ass out of himself too! F HIM STRAIGHT TO HELL!)!

    The dipsticks at Fascination/NBC Universal also made little Keren take part in a magazine a few weeks before the release of their new album with her son (the dipsticks made her BEG to her son to get him to be part of it) and believe me, I look at (and read into) Keren's eyes in that pic and I can tell that she is SAD and in PAIN because she was forced into this garbage! And for that matter, her son's expression reads, "let's just get this f'ing garbage over with already!"

    So you see, this is what's really happening.
    The Bananas are not getting along with their loved ones.
    Keren is being forced to do things against her will.
    And articles revealing the truth are getting removed all for the sake to sell a bunch of lousy albums!
    And so far, it's failed. It's f'ing failed miserably!

    I ain't one to wish these type of things but I hope some crazy bastard drops a nuke on those a'holes at Fascination records (and NBC Universal) and send their crappy excuse of a corporation straight to hell with all my heart and soul!!! And they can take Bassey, Andrew and all the ignorant dipstick fanboy/fangirl sheep who support them and believe their garbage with them! They are all worse than Stalin! And I hope Stalin and company tortures all of them for the rest of their miserable existence!

    And finally I hope Keren and Sarah can find someone who can free them from their pain and give them the two most important things in life:

    Love and Peace

    And from there, live a normal healthy happy life for the rest of their days because they deserve this type of peace.

    Good luck Keren and Sarah!
    I'm with you all the way!

    Oh, and go California Golden Bears! Whoop some Stanford and USC butt for me will you?

  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The previous anonymous has posted the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen, none of what he/she/it has posted is true ! This person is obviously crazy.

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