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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Could This Be The Most Pop Top 10 This Decade?

That headline may be a bold statement—especially given that Britney Spears spent a lone week at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "3," and has now been bumped down to #5 by Jay Sean—but hear me out!

With rockers Kings Of Leon now kicked out of the Top 10, Black Eyed Peas have hopped in again in with their their third single off The E.N.D., "Meet Me Halfway." And while we've all railed against the Peas 26-week reign at the top of the chart with what eventually came to be two of the most grating jams in recent years thanks to radio overkill, "Meet Me Halfway" is possibly their most pop offering to date.

Granted, Fergie does sound like an excited teen tramp in denim singing into her mirror before sexing up the biggest metalhead at Hooker High...

Chalk it up to the Cyndi Lauper/"Time After Time"-esque woah-oh-ohs, but I'm actually on board with this BEP choon—well, for the first five weeks or so, at least.

All else remains rather static, save for Cascada doing the Euro-jiggle from #39 to #31 with "Evacuate The Dancefloor" and Pink moving up to #60 with "Funhouse," the fourth single off her same-titled album.

The U.S. Top 10:

1. "Down" - Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne *2 weeks*
2. "Watcha Say" - Jason DeRulo
3. "Party In The U.S.A." - Miley Cyrus
4. "Run This Town" - Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West
5. "3" - Britney Spears
6. "Paparazzi" - Lady GaGa
7. "Fireflies" - Owl City
8. "I Gotta Feeling" - Black Eyed Peas
9. "Meet Me Halfway" - Black Eyed Peas
10. "You Belong With Me" - Taylor Swift

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