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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lady GaGa Says Hello, Waves Goodbye To Co-Headline Tour With Kanye West

Well, no sooner had tour dates for Lady GaGa and Kanye West's co-headlining Fame Kills tour been announced, was the tour axed—so far with no explanation–mere hours ago.

See, I was just hiking with the ball and chain over the weekend and we were trying to figure out how the hell these two were gonna pull this off. It's probably safe to assume it wasn't lost on many people that you're talking about two rather distinctly different audiences here.

Then you throw 50 Cent into the mix slagging off the tour as "the gay tour." Well, okay—it pretty much is. Or was.

Hopefully this doesn't mean GaGa will cancel her scheduled Saturday Night Live performance this weekend, wherein she's supposed to shill her new, unreleased single. Because you know the broad's gonna do something crazy like hold a coconut between her knees while she dangles upside-down from a bungee cord and whips a headless baby doll!

Oh, well. Sorry, Kanye—guess GaGa was just bluffin' with her muffin.

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