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Monday, November 16, 2009

D:ream Gearing Up For New Album

What the hell?!? I was surprised to find that Irish dance outfit D:ream quietly reformed after Peter Cunnah and Al Mackenzie ran into each other last year, and began working on new material. (You may recall my d'luvvly D:ream-themed "Throwback" post from last June.)

In digging for some info on their current venture, this groovy interview with the duo from Music Fascination popped up and shed a bit of light on the matter:
AL: l had been out all night and ended up in a park having a few glasses of red to calm me down after an 'incident,' shall we say. Pete was just up and out with the family. Our paths crossed and now we are here talking to you. How did that happen?
New single "All Things To All Men" (EP available on U.S. iTunes and at Amazon's MP3 store) was released on the band's own User label in September, and next single "Drop Beats Not Bombs" can be heard on D:ream's MySpace, along with several other new tracks.

Here's the "All Things To All Men" vid:

You can also catch another new song, "We Are Fans," on D:ream's official site. Upcoming album In Memory Of... is slated for a February release.

"We may do a free digital release in December," says the duo. "Then again, we may not."

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