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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Bit Late To The End Of Ace Of Base Party

Things have been so hectic with the holidays that I completely missed Ace Of Base member Jenny Berggren's tweets from November 30 saying that the band is now pretty much over. Sort of.

From the sound of the remixes that were released last year, it at least seemed like we might have gotten one decent album of new material from the band. But since that didn't come close to happening (did it?), I guess it's like they never "reunited"—albeit briefly—in the first place.

At any rate, yesterday we posted the first "Backtracking" column at Idolator. I wrote it on Ace Of Base's sophomore album, The Bridge.

Here are the posts Jenny put on Twitter:
"Haven't read aceboards. As agreed with Ulf and Jonas, we are Ace of Base. I do my soloproject as they have done theirs.

"We didn't get a record out as three. My hopes are that we can work together in the future, when I have prooven myself as a soloartist.

"Meanwhile the boys in the band are doing their musical thing, as I do mine. We wich eachother the best of luck and work for the future.

"My dream is to make music so everybody can hear. Solo ended up to be the only possible way. Please respect that. I've worked hard for to...

"...get another result, but unfortunatly solo is the thing I can do. I'll just do the best of it and hope for AoB in the future. Take care!"

Sigh. Carry on smiling, and the world will smile with you...



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