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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here's Hoping Joe McElderry Will Be Just As Successful As Leon Jackson

The brief Rage Against The Machine barricade that held X Factor winner Joe McElderry back from the #1 position on the U.K. chart last week has been removed, and now the 18-year-old can bang strippers on a pile of cash and feel good about himself for the time being.

Joe's cover of "The Climb" has topped the chart, and ensured that McElderry will at least reach the soaring heights that Leon Jackson did—i.e., one, maybe two hits, then gumming old men's knobs in a dimly lit tube station at midnight for smack money in about two years.

And speaking of The Saturdays, they ride the pole up ten places to #20 this week with "Ego." The single is officially released January 3.

Over on the album chart, Michael Buble is the one to finally topple Susan Boyle, as Crazy Love bumps I Dreamed A Dream down to #2. She probably loved every minute of it, and hit a high F note on her way down.

The U.K. Top 10:

1. "The Climb" - Joe McElderry *1 week*
2. "Killing In The Name" - Rage Against The Machine
3. "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga
4. "3 Words" - Cheryl Cole feat. will.i.am
5. "Starstrukk" - 3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry
6. "Meet Me Halfway" - The Black Eyed Peas
7. "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey
8. "Russian Roulette" - Rihanna
9. "You know Me" - Robbie Williams
10. "TiK ToK" - Ke$ha

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  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger undisco_me said…

    How the fuck did Cheryl mumble her way to number 4? Begone already.

    Joe is very sweet - at least the girl can belt a tune, but Eurovision and the West End beckon surely.

    I'm loving the Satsuma's Ego - I thought they were all found in cubicles and formed as a makeshift Atomic Kitten, but now I feel so different as Sinead O'Connor once prayed.

  • At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    At the moment 3 Words is my favourite song in the top 10! Number 1 next week would be nice, thank you.

  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Joshua said…

    Can we for a moment talk about WHY Journey is in the Top 10 AGAIN/STILL?

  • At 10:05 PM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Undisco_Me, hmmm. You'd best not read Anonymous' pining for "3 Words" to be the next #1!

    Anonymous, hmmm. You'd best not read Undisco_Me's wishes for Cheryl to F off!

    Joshua, Glee pilot.

  • At 7:52 AM, Blogger Adem With An E said…

    "then gumming old men's knobs in a dimly lit tube station at midnight for smack money in about two years.

    And speaking of The Saturdays,"



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