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Friday, January 22, 2010

Chart Rigger Turns Five!

Well, I racked my brain all week trying to think of a perfect commemorative post to type out for Chart Rigger's five-year anniversary (which is today, January 22)—and then I finally thought of one! Problem is, I thought of it at 10 p.m. on Thursday, and I'd have to stay up all night banging it out. I think Miss Pussy and Cracker (above) have the right idea for now. So look for that special something sometime next week.

Until then, maybe the "perfect" thing to say is THANKS. Thank you for visiting, reading and interacting with this small corner of the blogosphere over the last half decade.

I never imagined when the notion hit me while shopping for groceries one Friday night to start a pop music blog that Chart Rigger would last five weeks, let alone five years.

But thank god it has. Otherwise I'd probably actually have a life or something. And who wants to actually deal with one of those?

Thanks again for reading. Here's to 60 more months of good beats, pop hookers, stripper poles and overall chart-rigging.

My life would suck without you,




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