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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nine Great Quotes From The 'Take That / Take Two' Photo Book

A fellow blogger surprised me with the Take That / Take Two photo book for Christmas, and I just finished reading it this evening at the Starbucks on Melrose Avenue. What's great about it is that it picks up right where Gary Barlow's My Take autobiography leaves off.

In addition to hot pics of extremely boffable Howard Donald...

...there are some really great candid quotes from the quartet inside (including, surprisingly, how much they all hated the "Greatest Day" video):

* Gary Barlow on Jason Orange: "Jason can get a bit down on the whole thing. He can have those feelings of not deserving to be there."

* Gary on "Patience": "I was feeling good about it. But I had no idea what it would do for our careers. We'd all seen bands come back and I think the one thing it's impossible to underestimate is that first piece of original work that you release."

* Mark Owen on "Rule The World": "It's a song that we're so proud of. We'd sung some melodies into a mobile phone that made up the start of the song. We went to see [Stardust, the film it appears in], and almost within a day we'd delivered it to the director."

"Rule The World"

* Jason on the "Greatest Day" video: "The concept for 'Greatest Day' was a cross between The Matrix and U2 but none of us thought that much of the end result."

* Howard on the "Greatest Day" video: "...something about this video didn't work."

* Gary on the "Greatest Day" video: "We never wanted to turn into one of those bands where the videos just degenerate and the fact was 'Greatest Day' was shit."

* Gary on TT's 2009 BRITs performance: "I felt overweight and I hated the glasses... I know a lot of people liked it, and the other guys looked great, but did feel like a tit... Because we were on that UFO the technical people said we couldn't sing live. It was right in front of the speakers and they said the mics would have fed back. I felt like a bit of a fraud."

* Jason on "The Garden": The record company in Germany wanted us to release 'The Garden' as the second single from The Circus but we weren't keen on the idea. It tanked, so we were probably right."

* Mark on the "Said It All" video: "I always look at where we started off and how much we've moved on. I think it's funny that we're clowns in the video, because, most of the time, that's how we see ourselves."

Order Take That / Take Two here.



  • At 4:38 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    darn it, i should have got you those books for christmas. i feel selfish now. i haven't actually read them yet but i'm pleasantly surprised at how candid they are in them. Hurrah.


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