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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alex Gardner With His Shirt Unbuttoned

Alex Gardner did a nice interview with STV where—and let's just cut right to the chase, folks—he had his shirt quite liberally unbuttoned, which was rather, uh, distracting.

He also performed an acoustic version of new single "I'm Not Mad" (out Monday, UK-ers!). And had his shirt unbuttoned. Did I say that already?

Yeah. Anyway, you can watch that here. Plus, below is a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the "I'm Not Mad" music video.

And why the hell did it never occur to me that Alex's video looks like the one for this classy classic?

Also, you can have a listen to a short clip of the "I'm Not Mad" B-side "Superfree" over on his MySpace.



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