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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Britney Spears Should Be Happy Her Sorry Ass Gets Mentioned In Ke$ha's New Song "Styrofoam"

First of all, here's the Queen Of Soul, Ke$ha, in her panties for a new shoot she did for Maxim's April issue. Classy! See more of these trashy pics here.

Second, I love how people are all up in arms over Ke$ha's newly-leaked jam "Styrofoam," which contains the lyrics: "In ten years, Britney Spears...Britney who?"

Please—not only is that the truest line in pop music to come along since those broads from Ace Of Base warbled that "life is demanding without understanding," it should also be the next phrase Britney gets tattooed on her ass! Don't be hating on Ke$ha for relaying the pop gospel to the masses. She's just the messenger.

Yeah, screw that used-up hooker Britney and her broke-down weave—Ke$ha is our Jesus now!

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