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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gratuitous Alex Gardner Update

Alex Gardner is on the right track to have a hit when his "I'm Not Mad" single is finally released in the UK (now March 29 rather than March 22)—opening gigs for OneRepublic and JLS here, hanging out with Robert Pattinson at the London premiere of Remember Me there (horrendously shit movie, BTW—not even worth a Netflix rental).

Of course, the pop game is a slippery slope, and hopefully the 18-year-old has on his spike-heeled trainers. (Sigh...Mini Viva.) One decent gig Alex recently landed was MTV's Live Sessions, where he performed "I'm Not Mad" and "Heartbreaker." (Note: a promo CD that did the rounds had this song simply listed as "Heartbreak"—but either way, it's a rad jam.)

Anyway, you can check out Alex's MTV Live Sessions performances here. Good stuff that I wish they'd offer up an embed code for. Oh well.

And here's a shady clip of him performing "Heartbreak(er?)" live at London venue The Lexington earlier this week:



  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    you do like a bit of Alex don't you? What will Shayne think?!


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