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Monday, March 01, 2010

Lady Lobster Head Will Make Sure No One Cares About Ke$ha's Damn Birthday

With Ke$ha threatening to make Lady Gaga yesterday's news in 2010—sometimes by methods that are out of her control—Gaga has been stepping up the attention-grabbing outfits while traipsing around the UK.

These two classy ensembles alone should push "Telephone" up one more chart position, at the very least, this week. Speaking of which, the music video for said duet with Beyonce is set to premiere in the coming days.

Meanwhile, today is Ke$ha's 23rd birthday. And, really, she's taking a completely different approach to this seeming battle of the photos. For instance, here's one she posted via Twitter of her dressed up like—a telephone repairwoman? A lesbian? A telephone repairlesbian?

And this is the caption Ke$ha added: "Almost as hot as me singing karma police as a chubby awkward 12 year old."

Well, not quite. But maybe—just maybe—almost as hot as this.

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