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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Anyone Else Not Feeling New Scissor Sisters Single "Fire With Fire"?

I guess I'll be the one blogger who isn't shoving a Scissor Sisters dildo up their can over new single "Fire With Fire." Don't get me wrong, I like the band enough. In fact, "Invisible Light," the first song they previewed off upcoming album Night Work, is fantastic.

So why the hell isn't that the first single? I'm not quite getting the logic of releasing this album-track-at-best, plodding number as the lead tune.

It's odd that in a new era where pop is being embraced by radio worldwide, the Sisters opted for this instead of a more "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'"-esque jam.

In fact, "Fire With Fire" makes me want to dig out The Killers' Sam's Town—and that's never a good thing. Oh, well. Still looking forward to the album.



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