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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Josh Dubovie: That Didn't Sound Good To Eurovision—But Lena Sure Did

Be thankful you're not 19-year-old Brit Josh Dubovie. The poor lad, chosen to rep the UK in Oslo at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, finished last place (out of 25 competitors) Saturday night.

It probably didn't help Josh's chances that Pete Waterman, who co-penned/produced Dubovie's tune "That Sounds Good To Me" with Mike Stock and Steve Crosby, underscored the writing that had already been clearly written on the wall to Metro yesterday:
"We'll have a good time. We'll all come out of it learning something. And there is always an outside chance that something bizarre might happen and we might win Eurovision. Highly unlikely, but there you go. It might happen."
Alas, it didn't happen. Here's Lena from Germany, who did win with "Satellite":

Guess the one consolation Josh Dubovie can take is that "That Sounds Good To Me" finally managed to dent the Top 200 songs on iTunes. It's climbed to...#188.

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