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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Interview With Keane's Tom Chaplin

I recentely interviewed Tom Chaplin, lead singer of UK chart-topping band Keane (who just released the Night Train EP). The full piece was posted today over at Idolator.

Below is an excerpt:
Looking ahead a little bit, have you started thinking about album number four yet?
TC: Actually, we had a meeting today, and we sat down and we listened to the demos that we’ve got currently knocking around. We were talking about who we’d like to work with and how we’d like to go about doing it. So, yeah—that conversation has happened. We’re underway with that process. It’s kind of in the ether. [Laughs] But, practically speaking, it won’t be till October or November before we get in a studio. But, you know, I feel pretty excited. I think this EP has actually—it just seems like things are going well for us at the moment. It’s a nice feeling. The new demos and new songs sound really good, and I would imagine sometime next year we’ll have another record ready.

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