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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Now Alphabeat's "DJ" is Kind Of Bingo Boys

Earlier this year I lamented about the woeful chart placing for both Alphabeat's album The Beat Is... and single "Hole In My Heart" in the UK, prompting a certain reader (AhemJump!) to comment, "When you [do] a future blog I predict you will think otherwise on Alphabeat. Their 2nd album is a lot of fun but you quickly forget about it."

And while I haven't been playing said LP as much lately, I certainly have not forgotten about it, and still feel it's one of the better full albums to come along in recent years.

Now, that noted, I'm not really crazy about the new radio mix for third UK single "DJ." The track was a standout (for me, at least) on the Danish quintet's latest offering, but now it's suffering from Pet Shop Boys/"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing" syndrome, I'm afraid—wherein the artist has tried to punch it up for the masses, but loses the original charm and hook in the process.

Mind you, it's not bad. And, actually, in keeping with the early '90s Eurodance feel of the album, this new mix and the video are even a bit Bingo Boys:

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