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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Shayne Ward Is Working It All Out

Remember a year ago when Shayne Ward was looking rather beefed-up, physically (like in this clip)? If you follow him on on Twitter, than you know one of his favorite things to tweet about is going to the gym—so expect the 25-year-old Mancunian to look a lot sleeker upon the release of his third album.

"It's for you guys, as well as myself—to look as good as I can for the photo shoots, for the videos, for the live shows," hot piece of pop tail Shayne said in his latest video blog.

And then—well, let's just stop here. We all know this was just an excuse to post that very first pic up above. One gripe, though, Shayne—quit buzzing your damn hair off! It was looking good all grown out.

Anyway, special thanks to Chart Rigger reader/my email buddy Mark, who surprised me this week by ordering me the special edition of Breathless, which contains a region-free DVD as a bonus disc.



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