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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sonia Is The Latest PWL Artist To Get Remastered And Slapped On iTunes

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan's Stock Aitken Waterman material was remastered and added to iTunes. And since then, there's been a slew of other gems from the PWL vault added to the online store.

The latest of which is the 1990 album Everybody Knows by Liverpool pipsqueak Sonia. EPs for her singles ("You'll Never Stop Me Loving You," "Listen To Your Heart," "Can't Forget You," "Counting Every Minute" and "End Of The World") are also available.

Good ol' Sonia—along with Big Fun, she really did mark the end of the SAW era of hits.  England had truly had enough at that point(though not before sending "You'll Never Stop Me..." straight to #1). Plus, she ended up taking Pete Waterman to court. The woman's got balls!

Download these: 

* The Extended Version of "Can't Forget You." The intro alone, with its housey synths, handclaps and cheesy vocoded "Wh-wh-what can I do?", still gives me the pop chills.

* "Better Than Ever," the B-side to "Listen To Your Heart" that every SAW fan has long believed should have been a single—or, at the very least, an album track. (Note that unreleased "Original Mix" of the song is on iTunes, too!)

* Everybody Knows. It's a bit (read: VERY) dated now. But, hey—back in 1997, I paid $40 for the CD on import at some record store in Pittsburgh. The least you can do is shell out $9.99 for a bit of pure pop history!

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