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Monday, June 14, 2010

Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" Video = Perfect Summer Fun...With Eyeliner And Feathers

Confession time: not only was I totally into Adam Lambert's last single "Whataya Want From Me," but I'm kind of (read: totally) digging his video for his latest, "If I Had You."

And it's not just the fact that Max Martin co-wrote/co-produced both jams (even though I have a less-then-hidden penchant for much of Max's output). The video for "If I Had You"—simple as it is—is so much more fun than Lady Gaga's "Alejandro." In fact, that one has me wanting to put on a black cloak and then go sit in a meat freezer for 12 hours until sweet, chilly asphyxiation puts me out of my misery.

No, Adam's clip is everything a music video for a summer jam should be. Just don't call me a Glamazon.



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