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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Charlie Mason Leaves Horror Of Dustin The Turkey Behind, Pens "It's A Mistake" For Sam Taylor

The latest edition of the Pop Trash Addicts Pop Panel is up, and features an interview with guest judge Sam Taylor.

UK crooner Sam's got a new song out—the d'luvvly ballad "It's A Mistake"—which was written by Charlie Mason, a self-proclaimed "Jersey boy who's written for Ashley Tisdale and Eric Saade."

SIDE NOTE: Charlrie also penned Donal Skehan's (of Irish pop group Industry) 2008 musical bid for Eurovision, "Double Cross My Heart"! (Read my interview with Donal here, where he laments, "I was extremely happy till I realized that turkey was in the same competition!")

Sam Taylor, "It's A Mistake"

Here's what Charlie tells Chart Rigger about "It's A Mistake":
"It wasn't hard to come up with the lyrics for it, as the Rasmark brothers' melody is so musically eloquent. Basically, it told the story all on its own, in a way, so I felt more like I was transcribing what the song said to me than saying anything myself. Like taking super-emotional dictation. The real fun was hearing Sam sing it, finally, because his voice to me is a wow to the nth degree. You just don't hear a vocal that's THAT beautiful and THAT vulnerable every day. So that's been exciting for me."

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  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    Sam's a great sport and Charlie is very talented. I love the song and hope it takes off.


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