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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boy Krazy And Sonia: The Latest PWL Artists To Get Remastered And Repackaged On CD

Both Sonia's 1990 album Everybody Knows and Boy Krazy's 1993 self-titled LP are being re-released in CD format on the Cherry Pop label September 20. You may recall that Boy Krazy's remastered album and single EPs (with a shedful of mixes) were added to iTunes last year, while Sonia's PWL material was made available digitally this past spring.

It's worth noting that Boy Krazy's album was the last one Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman worked on as a production trio, before Matt split.

Says the press info:
"When first issued in the UK in 1991, 'That's What Love Can Do' failed to enter the Top 75, but 18 months later it was playlisted by a Denver radio station and soon became a runaway airplay hit across the US. As a result, the single was reissued internationally and work on the album finally completed at PWL. Despite scoring two US hits, Boy Krazy split up later in 1993."
Here's what to expect on both:

Boy Krazy - Boy Krazy (Special Edition)

1. That's What Love Can Do
2. That Kinda Love
3. On A Wing And A Prayer
4. Different Class
5. Good Times With Bad Boys
6. Just Like A Dream Come True
7. Love Is A Freaky Thing
8. All You Have To Do
9. One Thing Leads To Another
10. Who Could Ask For Anything More?

Bonus Tracks

11. Exception To The Rule *
12. I'll Never Get Another Chance Like This
13. That's What Love Can Do (Extended Version)
14. All You Have To Do (Extended Version) *
15. Good Times With Bad Boys (Dave Ford 12'' Mix) *
16. Love Is A Freaky Thing (Lurve Dog 12'' Mix) *
17. On A Wing And A Prayer (Original Mix)
18. Just Like A Dream Come True (Original Mix) *
19. Who Could Ask For Anything More? (Original Version) *
20. That's What Love Can Do (Original Mix) *
* First time on CD

Everybody Knows Sonia (Special Edition)

1. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You
2. Everybody Knows
3. Listen To Your Heart
4. Someone Like You
5. Counting Every Minute
6. Can't Forget You
7. Now I'm Without You
8. Can't Help The Way That I Feel
9. Climb To The Top Of A Mountain
10. End Of The World

Bonus Tracks

11. Better Than Ever
12. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version) *
13. Can't Forget You (Extended Version)
14. Listen To Your Heart (Extended Version)
15. Counting Every Minute (The King's Counting House Mix) *
16. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (XXX Kiss Mix) *
17. Let's Have A Party *
18. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Demo Version) +

+ Previously unreleased
* First time on CD

[Thanks, Mark]

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  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Dwayne said…

    I may have to get this. My Boy Krazy CD sounds like it was mixed in a tin can. Can't turn the bass up high enough to enjoy it. What crappy cd players I must have had back then, or low expectations.

  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger undisco_me said…

    That Sonia album is great - the melodies are chubbier than her cheeks. Listen To Your Heart is awesome, as is the title track. A shame her singing career seems completely exhasuted nowadays.

  • At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Blackjane said…

    I think that both the Sonia and Boy Krazy CD re-issues (unlike the upcoming Jason Donovan ones on the Edsle label) are actually single disc and not double disc editions, as has been the case for the majority of the other recent re-issues on the Cherry Pop label.

  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Blackjane, thanks much. Indeed, you're right. I think the Rick Astley double-disc ones are on the same label as the Jason ones. Sigh. And I *just* bought all this stuff off iTunes last year!

    undisco_me, I always loved "Can't Forget You," especially the extended mix.

    Dwayne, agreed. I bought my BK CD back in '95, and even then it was pretty hard to find at that point. I remember always putting songs from it on mix tapes in the '90s, and the volume was always lower than the other tracks. That used to be so effing annoying!

  • At 3:50 AM, Blogger Patrick said…

    I had read that the Boy Krazy CD was built up of songs that were rejected by Kylie and Sonia. Pretty fucking good throwaway tracks, if you ask me and I welcome it's reissue.


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