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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hurts Are The Pet Shop Boys You'd Want To Have Sex With In Their "Wonderful Life" Video

If Lady Gaga is the 2010 version of 1984 Madonna, then consider Manchester, England duo Hurts the modern incarnation of Pet Shop Boys. And like the post title here implies, it'd be swell to hit it with either of these synthy gents (Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson)—if you're into broody, fashionably depressing Bret Easton Ellis novel-type sex.

Anyway, there's a profile on Hurts in the August issue of Interview (with a beautiful photo by Sharif Hamza), wherein Theo alleges that the U.S. is in the band's plans (though there's no hint of this yet on their MySpace):
"We spent a long time hiding away on purpose. But now it feels exciting to finally exist and be judged. We've taken a lot from America, so it's going to be interesting to see how the music sits with people there. We'll do some special performances when we finally come over this fall, kind of like a golden handshake to the U.S."
Their single "Wonderful Life" is finally released in the UK on August 23. Below is the cover:

And here's the music video:

Note: XOLondon chides the dancers in the video, stating that they're nothing more than "Robert Palmer girls doing shit choreography." Mind you, when XOLondon dresses up as a Robert Palmer girl, his dancing is simply irresistible.



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