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Saturday, August 14, 2010

America's Reigning Queen Of Soul Ke$ha Stuns With An Angelic 'Today Show' Performance

Forgive me, pop chyldryn, for I was traveling yesterday and missed the heavenly miracle that was Ke$ha performing live on NBC's Today Show...until now. And as I sit here and marvel at Her presence, I feel as if I'm watching Jesus being born all over again and swathed in drag from a Baby Gap that's been flooded by holy water.
l now know that, like the sacred work of Michael Jackson, Ke$ha is doing this all for the children. After all, what greater joy is there than watching a 10-year-old chant the lyrics "where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor"? That's right—none.
Here's Ke$ha performing new single "Take It Off," which this week rammed itself up to #27 on the Billboard Hot 100.



  • At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Dan said…

    what a dousche....

  • At 2:37 AM, Blogger Mike said…


    Ke$ha's fabulousness truly knows no bounds. Praise her!


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