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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hurts Cite Gary Barlow Influence, Do 'GMTV' And Reveal Album Clips

Hurts' debut LP Happiness (out September 6 in the UK) is a few weeks from release, and you can now hear clips of all the songs over at Amazon Germany. (Alas, Kylie Minogue's part is not audible on the duet "Devotion.")

The duo appeared on London morning show GMTV on Friday, where they performed single "Wonderful Life" (out next Monday) and cited Take That DILF Gary Barlow and Johnny Cash as big influences.

Meanwhile, a short interview with the band ran in the Japan Times on Friday (they recently performed at Summer Sonic). Below is a bit of it.
"We met Jackie Chan in Roppongi and we talked to him about — you won't believe this — Joy Division. His favorite song is 'Transmission'."

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