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Friday, August 06, 2010

Not Sure How I'm Feeling About Alex Gardner's "Feeling Fine" Video

Alex Gardner will get another shot at UK pop stardom when his single for "Feeling Fine" is released Septemeber 27th. Here's the music video, which the Xenomania News blog notes was shot in Spain (unlike "I'm Not Mad," which Alex had to fly to Los Angles for to find just the right shiny walls):

This isn't to be confused with Ultrabeat's 2004 dance hit "Feelin' Fine," which, let's face it, was kind of a jam.

It's hard to tell if Alex's "Feeling Fine" is a jam yet, though. The vocals on the chorus are a bit too liquid and Auto-Tuned for me to truly love this one right off the bat. In the springtime, Gardner said in an interview of his upcoming second single, "It’s got to be perfect or it will haunt me for the rest of my life!"

Strange that this doesn't appear on that Italian EP of his songs that's being released (or is already out?).

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