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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Pet Shop Boys Cover I Never Knew About: Inga Humpe, "Do I Have To"

We have Moogaboo to thank for digging this one up. If you've ever heard Pet Shop Boys' "Always On My Mind" b-side "Do I Have To"—aka the greatest ballad they ever recorded—then you'll understand my need to go all fanboy over this 1991 cover by German songstress Inga Humpe that I have never heard before. (And if you've not heard "Do I Have To," then pick up Alternative and educate thyself.)

Andy Richards, who did some programming on the Boys' second album Actually produced Inga's version. As I mentioned to Moogaboo, she kind of looks like comedienne Julie Brown trapped in the Tom Petty "Don't Come Around Here No More" video in this clip.

How the original was relegated to a B-side is beyond comprehension. I think the best part of Inga's cover is the video itself.

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  • At 1:16 AM, Anonymous maouAOÛT said…

    Just a few impressive points to shine some well-deserved light on Inga Humpe:

    - Inga co-wrote "Automatic Love" for the album, Kylie Minogue. Hello.

    - With sister Anete, she formed the band Humpe Humpe (or Humpe & Humpe depending on who you ask). Their album, Swimming with Sharks, was released in America without the "Humpe Humpe" so many believe Swimming with Sharks to be the band's name. They had three singles, "Yama-ha", "No Longer Friends" and "Careless Love". The latter is very worth the trip to YouTube and appears on some thoughtfully curated 80's compilations.

    - Planet Oz, Inga's solo album, is simply incredible and contains the Trevor Horn-produced "Riding Into Blue" which can only be described as Hollywood Western meets ZTT gilded with Inga's trademark multi-layered, pitch-perfect vocals that would turn Enya green. There's a cover of the Frank & Nancy Sinatra classic "Something Stupid" (sung in a duet with herself, natch. The 12" version, however, features the original PSB-flavored Julian Mendelsohn production which will probably be of the most interest to Chart Rigger readers, I'm sure (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RRray7dN1g). It's got a great nod to Blondie, too.

    - She released a cover of "More More More" in advance of her second album on East West UK. Changes at the label and lack of response to the single canceled any follow-up.

    - Inga is now part of the very successful German band 2Raumwohnung with her husband. Chart Rigger readers should seek out remixes "Ich und Elaine" (here's the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_DtXvpClN0&feature=related) and "Sex Secret".


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