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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sex In Ace Of Base 2.0 (aka Ace.Of.Base) And Their "All For You" Music Video

Make no mistake about Ace.Of.Base, the new incarnation of Ye Olde Ace Of Basethese new gals who've replaced departed siblings Jenny and Linn Berggren are here to amp up the party pussy-slip slut factor. They slink around seductively and arch their backs in bra and panties. And while they sing adequately enough, they're providing the much needed Sex Factor that maybe was required for AOB to get another record deal.

That said, neither of these broads (Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson) can suggestively manhandle a microphone as expertly as Base veteran Ulf Ekberg does in the "All For You" music video.

And then there's longstanding Ace linchpin Jonas Berggren, who appears in the new clip as kind of the wise old Europop sage figure. It's like Orson Welles and Joe Cocker birthed a baby who came shooting out with a Moog in one hand and acoustic guitar in the other.

And, hey—the video is in black and white, just like the group's breakthrough smash from many, many moons ago (1993), "All That She Wants." See "the bridge" there? (Wink.)

Here's "All For You."

Ace.Of.Base's album The Golden Ratio is due out by year's end.

[Vid via Fizzy Pop]



  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger K.I.A.T.W.F. said…

    This makes me sad

  • At 4:19 AM, Blogger Jump! said…

    I still find "all for you" to be generic europop gristle but the album demos posted on scandipop are very promising. I think this will be a fine album.

    No offense to any of the women in ace of base (past or present) but they never really have been that charismatic or interesting as pop stars. I'm warming up to these chicks but I ain't getting attached yet. I still cant help but feel AoB 2.0 is a fling we won't see for long.

  • At 11:33 AM, Blogger D'luv said…

    K.I.A.T.W.F., I think it would make me sadder if AOB had still been putting music out throughout the '00s and then suddenly decided to switch up the females in the group. But it's been so long since their last album (2002), that I'm just kind of sitting and watching with mild curiosity.

    Jump!, interesting assessment, and you may be right. When is the single actually released?

  • At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I really like the new album. Acoustic songs like "Southern California" really suit the new girls' voices. --Mike


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