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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Pet Shop Boys Hits LP 'Ultimate' On The Way

In what is sure to not be an ultimate collection, it was announced on the Pet Shop Boys' official site today that a new 19-track hits compilation titled Ultimate will be released November 1, featuring singles chronologically from "West End Girls" to "Love etc."

At first I thought they must be comprising this of all of their Top 10 UK singles, but they've had about 22 of those (including "Absolutely Fabulous"). Plus, "Love etc." charted at #14.

At any rate, the site notes the following:
"The Special Edition version will feature a DVD containing a series of classic BBC TV performances from Top Of The Pops and other shows recorded over the last 25 years as well as Pet Shop Boys' celebrated Glastonbury Saturday night headline show from June which the Daily Telegraph judged to be 'one of the most spectacular Glastonbury moments ever'. The full track-listing will be on this site shortly"



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