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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Bowlful Of Jelly Mariah Carey Unwraps 'Merry Christmas II You' Tracklist

Mariah Carey put a bow on her Merry Christmas II You tracklist, inhaled a plate of sugar cookies with an eggnog chaser and posted the song titles on her website yesterday.

The fact that she's doing "Charlie Brown Christmas" makes me happy. That said, who knows what that is? There isn't an actual song called "Charlie Brown Christmas" on the Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack.

But there is "Christmas Time Is Here," and of all the holiday songs in the world, it's the Charlie Browniest.

1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Intro)
2. Oh Santa!
3. O Little Town of Bethlehem / Little Drummer Boy Medley
4. Christmas Time Is In The Air Again
5. The First Noel / Born is the King (Interlude)
6. When Christmas Comes
7. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) / Housetop Celebration
8. Charlie Brown Christmas
9. O Come All Ye Faithful / Hallelujah Chorus feat. Patricia Carey
10. O Holy Night - Live from WPC in South Central Los Angeles
11. One Child
12. All I Want for Christmas is You - Extra Festive
13. Auld Lang Syne - The New Year's Anthem 

Mimi's single "Oh Santa!" is out this coming Tuesday (October 12).



  • At 4:31 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    i'm alarmingly excited by this :)

  • At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yikes, she looks like a bowl full of jelly.

  • At 3:00 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    I'm with Paul. I can't wait for this shit! Oh Santa is amazing and Mimi does festive cheer better than anyone!

  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    You know yuo are so wrong for putting up that photo of Mimi!!!

  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Paul, me too!

    Anonymous, yeah -- more like The 12 Meals Of Christmas.

    Mike, agreed!!

    Joshua, ....but so, so right.

  • At 6:22 AM, Blogger Neil Jhonson said…

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  • At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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