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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's My Problem With Mike Posner And His "Please Don't Go" Video...

Oh, Mike Posner. I wanted to like 31 Minutes To Takeoff so much. Singer-songwriter with slight b'boy edge making hooky electro-pop in his dorm room? That almost had me overlooking the sketchy chin strap facial hair.

But while Mike's album tracks like "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" and "Do U Wanna?" seem to border on overly-confident swagger and sexual arrogance (guess he is only 22, after all), it's actually tunes like "Gone In September"—where Posner proclaims, "I said I loved you in the summer, but will I love you in the fall? / I thought I wasn't like the others, guess I'm an asshole after all"—and "Cheated" ("I should have cheated on you, nobody told me I was dating a whore") that make me want to ram a massive stack of his unsold CDs down his scrawny throat.

But my particular dilemma with "Please Don't Go," his second single off the album, is twofold:

1. It's not a faithful cover of KWS's surprise 1992 American hit "Please Don't Go" (itself a KC And The Sunshine Band cover and a strategic ripoff of Double You's version).

2. I actually really like Posner's "Please Don't Go." I just can't stand how he comes off as such a douche in the lyrics for the bulk of his songs. Sorry, Mike—I probably think your song is cooler than you.

It's sorta like how a majority of people won't deny that Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" is a bona fide jam, even though they want to strangle her. That said, I think Mike is actually pretty talented. He just needs to grow up and apply his musical ability to a less annoying persona.

P.S. Goddamn, I've been looking for an excuse to post that KWS video for a long time.



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