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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Robyn's Final 'Body Talk' Album Cover

Oh, Robyn—you crazy broad. Here's the cover for the "full" Body Talk album, the third in the series that will contain new single "Indestructible." It looks like she's getting manhandled by Post It notes.

Robyn wrote the following on her official site today, regarding the three-part Body Talk series:
"Even though it was never a conceptual idea, but a practical solution to the problem of getting bored with just doing one thing at a time, it has influenced not only the music, but all the visual content for the album as well. And the way I’ve communicated with press and listeners. It’s been amazing to share the process with you. As soon as I have had an idea of what I’m doing so have the fans and that interaction has been super interesting and fun to me. As I’m writing this, I am still mixing the third album."
This third one will contain five jams from part one, five from the second and five new ones.

1. Fembot
2. Don´t Fucking Tell Me What To Do
3. Dancing On My Own
4. Indestructible
5. Time Machine
6. Love Kills
7. Hang With Me
8. Call Your Girlfriend
9. None of Dem
10. We Dance To The Beat
11. U Should Know Better
12. Dance Hall Queen
13. Get Myself Together
14. In My Eyes
15. Stars 4-Ever

She also seemed to indicate on her site that new music will be coming in 2011, as well: “I’m going to keep mixing up my tours with studio time and am hoping to stick to this new way of releasing music next year."

Last month Body Talk Pt. 2 became Robyn's highest-charting album in the U.S. when it reached #41 on the Billboard Top 200.