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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Two Big Reasons Katy Perry's "Firework" Video Makes Total Sense

I didn't really get why Katy Perry's label went with "Firework" as a third single of her latest album at first. Especially given that it was following up "Teenage Dream," a song that, despite my reservations about Katy herself, I'm still quite addicted to.

"Firework" just seemed to be missing something—the sense of urgency "Teenage Dream" possesses. Or the ability to stick around in your head after you've heard it. Or a certain Max Martin-ness.

But now, after seeing the song's music video, it all makes perfect sense. Katy Perry shoots fireworks out of her tits and saves dying children and makes fat girls go swimming and gay boys kiss.

She's like an ambassador of unity. Or at least her cans are. Stunning. And thank god she reminded us she has that pair. Because she doesn't rely on them to compensate for her vocals nearly enough in her career.



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