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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ke$ha's 'Cannibal' Album Cover Tastes Like Glitter

It also comes served with a side of cheap trash, and leaves a strong aftertaste of reycled garbage. LOVE IT.

Ke$ha's Cannibal (and the Animal + Cannibal re-release) is out November 22. First single "We R Who We R" is currently #1 on iTunes.
Here's the official Cannibal tracklist, as posted on MTV today:

1. "Cannibal"
2. "We R Who We R"
3. "Sleazy"
4. "Blow"
5. "The Harold Song"
6. "Crazy Beautiful Life"
7. "Grow a Pear"
8. "C U Next Tuesday"
9. "Animal (Billboard remix)"