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Friday, October 08, 2010

Take That Return With "The Flood"

The first offering from Take That 3.0—i.e. the new incarnation with Robbie Williams intact after 15 years—arrived today in the form of the Stuart Price-produced single "The Flood," which premiered on BBC Radio 1's Early Morning Breakfast Show.

I half-liked the That's last album The Circus, but it really was kind of samey after Beautiful World. However, the one song that stood out from the rest on it was "The Garden," because it played off the man band's main strength—their combined vocal ability.

Thankfully Price takes that strength and not only gives it an intense workout on "The Flood," he also lends it a beat (something that hasn't graced a Take That single since "Shine" in early 2007).

Lyrically, the song is another "we've overcome the obstacles and we're stronger for it" affair, with references to cavemen, the moon, demons and dark stars no less. The only gripe: after two listens, I'm realizing it could use a little less Robbie, a little more Gary Barlow.

But I don't really care about that right now. Because this is a taste of what's to come from Take That's sixth album Progress, and now I can't wait to chow down on the main course. (So long as it's not too Williams-heavy.)

At least Robbie and Gary are ending the work week on an up note, after the news that their duet "Shame" will most likely get beat to #1 on the UK singles chart by Cee Lo Green on Sunday.

Here's the preview for the music video:

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  • At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Pranav said…

    The first song by Take That that I've played on repeat since "Never Forget". Loving it. Thank goodness they had Stuart Price produce the album. John Shanks had a very MOR approach to production. Now this is going to sound like a shameless plug but as of noon (eastern time) today, "The Flood" by Take That will get 4-5 plays a day on the radio station I manage (click on my name in this post and it will take you to the website). That also makes this the reunited Take That's debut on American radio! Welcome back Take That! I am already starting to save money to fly to Europe next year for the tour.

  • At 2:26 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    Video preview: They really know how to cater to their audience. Aging gay men & young moms who are now older!

  • At 4:41 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    I am obsessed. Like, i've played it a ridiculous amount of times on Friday already and Saturday has started off with a fair few plays. I agree, it's "flooded" with Robbie (ho ho), we get it, he's back, etc. but Stuart Price has done a very good job!


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