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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Together": Best Pet Shop Boys Video In Ages

As we all know, I'm a bit of a Pethead. But even I readily admit the music videos served up by the Pet Shop Boys over the past decade—with the exception of "I'm With Stupid" and "Flamboyant"—have hardly lived up to the songs themselves.

So color me jazzed over the fantastically romantic Peeter Rebane-directed clip for new single "Together," which was shot last month in Tallinn, Estonia. I wrote up the clip a tad more extensively today over at Idolator. Here I just want to toss up a few of the visuals from the dance-off-themed video.

Here's the video itself (that last scene is pretty devastating, and so very Pet Shop Boys):

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  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    At bloody last. A video that proves the PSB's worth.

  • At 2:25 AM, Blogger Todd said…

    At bloody last. A post that makes me want to make sweet D'luv to our sexay blogger again.

  • At 2:49 AM, Blogger Steven said…

    Obviously the director is a fan of The Step Up trilogy...just sayin'

  • At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 6:58 AM, Anonymous lucie humphreys said…

    Really awesome video. I liked it so much. Just the end is little gloomy. It seems it forced to end fast. Such a bloody end make the ending not complete.

  • At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Johanson said…



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